About Me

Hi! I’m Joyce, and this is basically a space I created to compile all my thoughts and writing. Sort of like a portfolio if you will, but with a more personal touch. So welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

A little bit about myself: I’m a Vancouverite currently perched in Toronto, and living somewhat of a bi-coastal life. I’m a marketer by day, but when I’m not working or studying, you can often find me sitting in coffee shops with my Moleskine and pen in hand, exploring the city, or watching Netflix.

I’m a massive bookworm, a beauty junkie (I could spend hours in Sephora), and a coffee addict.

coffee instagram

book vancouver

I love cats. What would I do without cat videos on the Internet?


In terms of artistic experiences, I am a pianist of 15 years, and I have a very strong writing background. I can even do basic Photoshop and InDesign. However, tell me to draw or paint something, and I’ll just

crazy laughing

I most often blog about marketing news, popular culture, and world issues; my own thoughts and life; beauty and makeup; and basically whatever I feel like. You may also see reposts pop up from time to time as I am trying to compile my writing into one place.

And that’s it for now! Hopefully you enjoy your stay and come back for more.

When I write things about myself, I will tag them with “about me“.

In the meantime, you can also chat with me on Twitter.


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