Winter Beauty Favourites – Vol. 2

If you know me at all, then you know I’m a little obsessed with beauty and skincare. I haven’t done any sort of beauty blogging in a whole year now, and with all the cold weather recently, I thought it would be a good time to talk about a few favourite products of mine during this time of the year.

I also did another Winter Favourites installment last year, which can be found here if you want to check that out as well. As a point of reference, my skin type is oily-combination and sensitive.

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 33 17 PM

This first thing is something that was recommended to me by a friend this year, and now I absolutely cannot live without it. My skin is highly finicky when it comes to moisturizers- I’ve tried many, and I’ve found that the majority of them irritate my skin in some way or break me out. The biggest problem I have with facial moisturizers is that they never fully sink into my skin- it just sits on top of the skin and feels greasy (and gets all over my pillow at night).

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 35 32 PM

I seem to be the only one I know with this problem, but the Complex 15 Daily Face Cream is a godsend. It is very light (perfect for oily-combo skin), yet effective in moisturizing my skin. While it doesn’t fully sink into my skin as with most creams, it doesn’t feel greasy and uncomfortable either. It’s the perfect compromise for me personally. It is dermatologist-recommended, hypoallergenic, and affordable- you can find this at most drugstores for around $15.00.


Photo 2014-12-30, 8 38 44 PM

This is the first moisturizing mask that I have ever liked. There has been a lot of hype surrounding GLAMGLOW masks in the past two years, and I never really bought into it. But recently I got the ThirstyMud mask in a holiday kit and I LOVE IT. You put it on after you wash your face, and you can either wear it overnight or wash it off after a few hours. Afterwards, your skin is so hydrated and plump and just feels amazing. I top it off with my normal moisturizer after and my skin just looks so glowy.

You can click here to see what the actual product looks like- it’s got a yellow-y colour and the texture of a facial moisturizer.


Photo 2014-12-30, 8 36 18 PM

This is an interesting product that became a big trend this year. This is the AmorePacific IOPE Air Cushion BB Compact. Essentially, this is a BB cream in a compact which boasts easy application and a dewy, flawless finish. It is very moisturizing, contains SPF 50 PA+++, and lasts up to 6-7 hours on my skin.

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 36 33 PM

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 37 16 PM

Inside the compact is a puff applicator and a sponge soaked in product. To apply, you just press the puff against the sponge to pick up product, and gently pat (not rub) the product all over your face. It comes in only 2 shades – 21 and 23, and 2 different types of coverage – “Natural” or “Cover”. I have C21, and it is definitely too light for me. I bought this in the summer and it was visibly too light, but now that it is winter it matches me a lot better.

If you are not extremely pale, I would say go for C23. You could go for the Natural coverage if you have perfect skin, but C21 and C23 are already pretty lightweight in my opinion.

It is not necessarily a good product to wear if:

  • You have severe acne. It will not hide major discoloration and scars.
  • If you have a darker skin tone.
  • You have oily skin AND the weather is hot and humid.

But if you have dry skin that is on the paler side, you will love how moisturizing and light this BB cream is. I bought mine for $45.00, but it comes with a refill compact, so it can last for up to a year.


Photo 2014-12-30, 8 40 04 PM

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 40 15 PM

I’ve never really tried body scrubs until the last couple of months, but I absolutely love The Body Shop’s Mango Sugar Body Scrub. It is exactly as it is described- a sugar scrub that smells so much like a mango that I actually get tempted to eat it. It smells delicious, is effective and abrasive enough for my liking, and actually leaves your skin moisturized with a layer of mango seed oil.

Photo 2014-12-30, 8 41 02 PM

It is especially important to exfoliate during the winter months to get rid of all the dead skin and buildup, and this one just takes the cake.


Photo 2014-12-30, 8 41 47 PM

This is a recurring winter favourite of mine- the Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple fragrance smells divine and I always wear it during this time of the year. I have this in both the body mist and the shower gel, and I just can’t get enough. It’s sweet and festive, but still soft and subtle, and for the price range you can’t go wrong.

So there we have it! I hope this inspires you to try out something new and to take good care of your skin this winter. I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, and I’m sad that it has ended so quickly. Wishing everyone a very happy new year and all the best in 2015!


4 thoughts on “Winter Beauty Favourites – Vol. 2

  1. Grace says:

    Does the mango sugar body scrub leave an oily residue in the tub? That’s one of the problems I encountered when I bought a body scrub with oil in it – my bathtub got dangerously slippery.

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