Chipotle Hacks Its Own Twitter Account For Publicity

My first thought when reading this story was:



Chipotle, everyone’s favourite Mexican grill, decided on Sunday evening to post a string of strange, random tweets, and then claim that they were hacked:

Apparently, Chipotle was holding a special promotion for its 20th anniversary by featuring a puzzle a day for 20 days, and the tweets were meant to be a play on that day’s puzzle. “We thought that people would pay attention, that it would cut through people’s attention and make them talk, and it did that,” said company spokesman Chris Arnold to Mashable following the incident.

Here’s my take on it: If you’re going to play some sort of ‘trick’ or something, at least make it funny or interesting. This is neither. People who would take the time to hack a company’s Twitter account usually wouldn’t only use it to tweet about their grocery list. It’s as if they didn’t even try to make it seem like their account really did get compromised. There are better ways to grab a customer’s attention, and this is not one of them, especially when executed so poorly. This is like an anti-social media campaign.

Hopefully Chipotle knows better for next time that this is not the way to gain more followers and drive traffic.


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