Perspective: Life Without Regrets

How amazing would it be to live a life free of regrets? Where you don’t look back and beat yourself up for not having done differently? To freely live out the cliche of “you only live once”?

News flash: You can. Despite all the shortcomings, the times you’ve failed, you can live a fulfilled life where you look back and say, ‘I have no regrets’.

To me, it’s all about perspective. I could go walk down memory lane and point at each “mistake” that I made, and say how I could change this and that if given the chance for a do-over. OR I could think of each mistake as a learning experience, and remind myself that if things hadn’t gone the way they had, I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today.

Each life experience has helped shape who I am. Through adversity, I learned how to stay strong and keep my eye on the prize, and to take the high road. I matured and learned to take criticism with both an open ear and a grain of salt. When disagreements arose, I’d always think of what I did wrongly before placing the blame on others.

Through each trial and tribulation, I would constantly try to better myself as a person to make me feel better. I’d pour my heart and soul into things that mattered, such as my studies, work, fitness, and spending time with those I love. And when I emerged from the tough times, I’d always bounce back stronger than before.

To be quite frank, I’m not quite at that stage where I’m happy with every single choice I’ve made in life. Because I’m not. But it’s one thing to beat yourself up for the choices you’ve made, and another to accept your decisions, know that you did the best you could in the circumstance, and label it as a lesson learned. Now you know for next time.

And letting go of regret is the most liberating feeling ever.


2 thoughts on “Perspective: Life Without Regrets

  1. Redo You Project says:

    A good post, Joyceyl. Lots of good, self-improvement advice. Perspective is very important to the self-improvement process. As is letting go of past failures, forgiving and moving on, etc. Keep posting the good stuff!


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