Why I Love Bioderma Micellaire Solution So Much

(This is my first attempt at a real product review blog post, so bear with me. I’ve reviewed tons of things on makeupalley.com, but this will be my first time writing a full review on a product.)


This miracle in a bottle has been my obsession over the past couple of months. I first found out about it from following some European beauty bloggers on Instagram, who kept talking about it and including it in their daily routine photos. Bioderma is a French company, so it’s readily available all over Europe, but a little harder to find here in North America.

A few months ago, I noticed that Shoppers Drug Mart had a display for this product, called Sensibio H2O, in the 250 ml bottles (as well as one for oily skin called Sebium H2O). It was pretty steep, priced at $22.00 before tax, but I decided to give it a try anyways.

What this is: It is a no-rinse, gentle, yet effective cleanser and makeup remover. It looks and feels like water, and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without drying it out.


My most recent haul of Bioderma Sensibio H2O (travel sizes) with a free bonus gift

I was initially disappointed because it wasn’t very good at taking off my Revlon Colorstay foundation. It took tons of cotton pads to get it all off, and I didn’t like wasting so much product as it is quite expensive. I alternate between Revlon Colorstay and a much lighter pressed powder depending on how long I will be out that day, but obviously it had no trouble taking off the powder.

Even worse, it was terrible at taking off any sort of eye makeup. I don’t even wear mascara or waterproof/liquid makeup on a daily basis, but it failed to even take off pencil liner.

However, after further experimenting, I found a skincare routine that was perfect for me and Bioderma just fit right in. I had used Neutrogena makeup wipes for years to remove my makeup, and prior to using Bioderma, I -thought- it took everything off, including foundation and non-waterproof eye makeup.


But I was wrong. I followed up on the wipes with the Bioderma solution, and lo and behold:


What is this?!

There was still a considerable amount of makeup left of my face. I was shocked to see I hadn’t been removing my makeup properly for years. The wipes also leave a residue on my face that I always hated, so thus evolved the best and most thorough cleansing routine I’ve ever had:

Neutrogena Wipes get 90% of the makeup off, but leaves a residue.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O removes the rest in 1-2 cotton pads, gets rid of the residue and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean without stripping it of moisture, and makes my skin feel super refreshed.
I then follow up with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, which further cleanses my skin and makes sure there is no dirt, oil, or makeup left on my skin.

I also use Bioderma in the morning because I am too lazy to wash my face it makes a big mess when I wash my face over the sink. It removes the oil and dirt from my face, and then I follow up with moisturizer and sunscreen.

I have noticed my skin looking considerably clearer, as before I would just skip the morning face wash altogether. Now that my makeup is completely removed at night, and I start the day with cleansed skin, my skin is thanking me for it.

I don’t think I will ever stop using it unless something better comes out, and so far, nothing quite compares to the quality and feel of this product. I just wish it were easier on the wallet.

Final verdict: If you haven’t tried this, go out to your nearest Shoppers and try it now. Right now.


6 thoughts on “Why I Love Bioderma Micellaire Solution So Much

  1. callmejagi says:

    Great review! I have this in the Lait-Creme H2O and it works really well but maybe too moisturizing for my face. I may just give the regular one a try now!^^

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