Ten Little-Known Facts About Me

I’m going to try to dig deep and come up with things hardly anyone knows about.

This is my attempt at being *interesting*. Jk I’m really not that interesting. But here goes.

  1. I’m left handed. You’d be surprised at the number of good friends that after a year of friendship suddenly go like, “YOU’RE LEFT HANDED??” Thanks guys. Note: Because of this, I have a hard time cutting fabrics or anything other than paper cause most scissors are for right-handed people.
  2. I’m allergic to mosquito bites. No seriously, they swell up to the size of a plate large enough to hold your dimsum. I get bitten at every forest or grassy campsite I go to, even when its cold and raining.
  3. I have a great weakness for anything salty and crunchy (ie: popcorn, chips, etc). But I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.
  4. I’ve been published in The Province.
  5. I’ve had my phone stolen three times. Only managed to retrieve it once.
  6. I took Chinese school for 10 years and grew up in a Chinese family, but I speak English to my parents normally, and they speak Cantonese back to me. (It’s pretty bad)
  7. I can’t eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets without gagging because years ago, I found a large, sharp bone inside one of them and was scarred for life. I think I experienced psychological trauma.
  8. I’ve been to the states at least 50-60 times, and Victoria at least 15-20 times.
  9. I’m a massive Gossip Girl fan. Yes, I’ll admit it. I own all the books in the series, all the books of the spinoff series, and watched every single episode of the T.V. show.
  10. I hate seafood. No really, I actually hate all seafood EXCEPT smoked salmon and salmon sashimi. I refuse to eat any other seafood. (I always order chicken fried rice when I go to Chinese seafood restaurants.)

And that’s all for now! I love finding out about other people’s quirks and little details that you would otherwise miss. It’s what makes us all individual and unique.


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